United Arab Emirates

Tala Hammash

Director of Admissions & Enrollment, New York University, Abu Dhabi

A lifelong learner, an advocate for human development in the MENA region, and a professional in fields of education, career development, and data, Tala is helping launch the newest SLD chapter: SLD MENA in hopes of further strengthening the data science landscape regionally. A champion of social impact and a community builder by nature, she is committed to curating opportunities that help communities and individuals alike fulfill their potential. She is most interested in the intersection between technology and social impact. Her Palestinian origins and background in culture, politics, and education from Georgetown University have shaped her global worldview; she has moved frequently and immersed herself in a wide variety of cultural contexts and communities. She believes that most of the learning, development, fun, and human connection lie in the area between black and white of how we see the world. In her free time, she plays basketball, cooks, and fervently advocates for the use of the Oxford comma.


18 OCT
12:20 pm
12:40 pm

Use of data analytics with cross sector applications

Data Economy
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