United Arab Emirates

Robert Gryn

Founder & CEO, Metahero

Robert Gryn is the youngest self-made entrepreneur to make the Forbes 100 Richest list in Poland. He’s the former CEO of Codewise, the 2nd fastest growing company in Europe. After selling Codewise he shifted 100% of his attention and focus to crypto. His new mission is to help accelerate the mass adoption of this revolutionary technology. Like many, he believes that blockchain will make the world a better and more equitable place.


17 OCT
2:50 pm
3:20 pm

Alternatives to Funding: From P2P and Crowd to Crypto

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18 OCT
12:00 pm
12:15 pm

Metahero as a Vessel into the Metaverse and Mass Adoption of Crypto

Fintech x Blockchain
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