Nouri Al-Enezi

Co-Founder & Deputy CEO, JustClean

After some years spent in the United Kingdom, Nouri returned to Kuwait, the place of his birth, and took up a position as a mechanical engineer in the oil sector. Although successful in his field, Nouri alongside his brother Athbi, decided to realize their entrepreneurial instincts and in 2016, established Masbagti.

As the first market place application focused on dry-cleaning and laundry services, the business very quickly became a success and attracted the attention of Faith Capital. After a rebranding to justclean and with the backing of Faith Capital since 2017, Nouri has been instrumental in growing the business.

Alongside his brother, Nouri has watched closely the technology innovators and wishes to play an active part with JustClean in transforming and revolutionizing the e-commerce industry in the region thereby leading to a positive impact on society. He currently heads tech & product at JustClean.


18 OCT
3:00 pm
3:45 pm

The region’s most funded-startups’: Challenges of scaling up in MENA

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