United Kingdom

Nathan Swain

Former Security Advisor, UK Government

Nathan is former Senior Security Advisor to the British Government and the former Chief Information Security Officer at ADSS responsible for implementing a strategic roadmap to increase security and alignment to industry practice. Delivering a Security Practice that was synonymous with tier one financial institutions and the first ‘purple team’ in region basing its security tactics on Threat Led approach to security offence and defence. He optimised his departments performance saving $1.5 million whilst maturing the company’s security maturity to defend against threats and also attained both ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certification for the group. He has honed his cyber security skills over the last twenty years, as well as delivering projects for CERN and NASA whilst at Oxford University. His passion is in understanding trust models in technical ecosystems and leading Red Team assessments that seek to compromise teams, systems and defences and achieve critical offensive security tactical goals. Globally, he has presented at conferences on targeted cyber attacks that he has carried out on Critical National Infrastructure and shares key knowledge for pragmatic and effective defensive strategies. During Nathan’s career he has served for the British Government as a Senior Security Advisor, helping to secure the country’s critical data and infrastructure. Prior to this he served the Bank of England; advising and implementing key security matters and helping to create the current security processes in use today. Before the BoE Nathan was the Lead Technical Security Consultant for the FCA advising the board on Cyber Security Risk. He has led and delivered Cyber Security improvement programs for Financial Services Institutions around the world whilst a Senior Manager with PwC. He studied Computer Science at the University of Oxford and earned various certifications in Cyber Security & Economics, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, Cyber Warfare and also he holds the CISSP and CISM.