Matthias Schranner

CEO and Founder, The Schranner Negotiation Institute

Negotiation expert Matthias Schranner was originally trained by the police and the FBI as a lead negotiator for high-stakes situations. For the past 15 years, he and his team at the Schranner Negotiation Institute have been advising clients including the UN, global corporations and political parties in difficult negotiations. He teaches the executive course series Negotiations on the Edge and is the author of books such as The Negotiator, Negotiations on the Edge and Costly Mistakes, and The Schranner ConceptĀ® as well as numerous articles and other publications. Matthias Schranner advises business and government leaders in over 40 countries, including the US, China, Russia and Japan. His proprietary Schranner ConceptĀ® is used by numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide to succeed in difficult negotiations. Matthias Schranner serves as lecturer for negotiations at the St. Gallen University in Switzerland and is the president of SNI LLC New York.


18 OCT
2:40 pm
3:30 pm

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