Koo Ping Shung

President, AI Professionals Association

Data scientist armed with an MBA degree & 15 years of relevant experience. Strong & passionate advocate of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence who strongly believed that companies need to start taking advantage of their data for better decision making. Does it by building internal capabilities, so companies can move faster through the steep learning curve. Capabilities are built through training, consulting, and mentoring. Experience in the full process of getting value from data, from data collection, management & governance to implementation of insights through strategy and business performance measurement. Experienced in Data Governance & Management, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Text Mining. Familiar with R, Python, SQL, Tableau, SAS, Power BI, etc.Research interest in how an organization can build Data Science & Artificial Intelligence capabilities to derive value from their data, how to build Artificial General Intelligence, Smart Cities to improve the standard of living. Co-founded DataScience.Sg (grassroots community) in Nov 2013, growing it to more than 10,000 members (as at 2020). Former Chairman of Working Committee, Singapore SAS User Group. Conducted more than 2000 man-hours of related training mostly in Singapore and various countries and received average ratings of 4.4 (out of 5.0). Supervised Masters students on their data science project. Instructor and lecturer in various institutions such as NUS SCALE, SMU Academy, SUSS, and ESSEC. Chief Mentor & Trainer in SAS-IMDA Data Science Programme.


18 OCT
3:30 pm
3:50 pm

Fireside chat: Making nations data-centric

Data Economy
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