John Kamara

Director of Machine Learning, Institute of Africa & Co Founder, Ada Labs

Founder of Ada Labs. Also heavily involved in business growth and building new markets for various companies who have partnered with Ada Labs. We are a smart technology( AI, Blockchain, IOT ..) focused fusion lab with a social impact and collaborative mandate to build the next generation of social impact and commercially driven entrepreneurs who will change the world from Africa. We are unique because we house our startups for 1 year and actively work with them to develop their product, go to the market and also prepare them for scalability funding. We develop our entrepreneurship program with key partners as part of the service we provide for our start-ups. We also run our own in-house outsource and management team in smart technology. We also have our training and partnership arm where we develop training models and innovation projects for partners across multiple sectors. One of our goals is to be renowned as one of the top AI training partners in Africa.


20 OCT
1:45 pm
2:30 pm

Lessons learned: The AI enabler successful case studies from the world’s youngest continent

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