United States of America

Irene-Marie Seelig

Co-Founder & CEO, AnamXR

Irene-Marie Seelig, named Forbes 30 Under 30, is a multi-award winning and internationally renowned Technology and Sustainability expert at the nexus of XR, e-commerce, material innovation and carbon accounting for global brands including Swarovski, Stella McCartney, FARFETCH, Live Nation and others in Europe, Asia and USA. Irene believes digital transformation is a key driver to accelerate sustainable business, therefore in 2019, Irene co-founded AnamXR, a Web 3.0 platform which leverages Unreal Engine and their proprietary technology to connect brands into the Metaverse through building virtual worlds and games at scale. The AnamXR platform enables a more efficient way to design, display, storytell and sell physical and digital collectible art, music and fashion while reaching new demographics and revenue streams.


17 OCT
3:50 pm
4:20 pm

How to get your investors queuing up: 15 questions VCs will ask before investing

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18 OCT
3:20 pm
3:40 pm

Into the Metaverse: From Digital to Virtual Markets

Fintech x Blockchain
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19 OCT
11:25 am
12:00 pm

5G Driving Entertainment Innovation: Reaching New Audiences in VR and AR

Telecom (5G + 6G)
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