United Arab Emirates

Dr Jeremy Williams

Globally recognised NFT expert & NFTeach Podcast Host

Dr. Jeremy Williams is an internationally recognized K-12 educator and subject matter expert on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As an educator, Dr. Jeremy has been a teacher, vice principal, principal, and superintendent in North America as well as the Middle East.  Known widely as an intra-preneur focused on creating relevant and compelling learning opportunities for students and staff, Dr. Jeremy has created and implemented K-12 financial literacy, entrepreneurial fellowships, and career guidance programming helping students find their purpose before attending university.  Also, Dr. Jeremy launched the first school sanctioned Esports team in the United Arab Emirates.


Dr. Jeremy has quickly become an internationally recognized academic expert in terms of Non-Fungible Tokens.  Host of the podcast, NFTeach, Dr. Jeremy interviews global experts on blockchain, NFTs, crypto, and DeFi.  Also, he serves as a NFT drop strategist assisting consumer brands and celebrities successfully launch projects that will resonate authentically with the NFT community.


Dr. Jeremy has earned a PhD in Business and Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.  He has a Masters degree in Turnaround Leadership from Marian University as well as a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.  Also, Dr. Jeremy holds a BA in elementary education from Indiana University.


17 OCT
3:20 pm
3:45 pm

Storytelling through blockchain

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