Anders Andréen

CEO, Urbanista

Anders Andréen is the CEO of Urbanista, a fast growing lifestyle audio company from Stockholm, Sweden. Andréen has a long history in the tech industry starting at Flextronics’s supply chain team for Sony Ericsson in Lund and Kuala Lumpur and continuing at OSM Global in Stockholm and Singapore where he was Managing Director. In 2013, he took the role as CEO of Urbanista, a brand rooted in Scandinavian tradition that creates products out of love for cities and urban life. Urbanista targets young, active and urban people around the world and its products are available online and in retail in over 80 countries worldwide. The brand has always believed that lifestyle audio products should not only sound great, but also look good. However, this year, with the launch of the world’s first solar-powered headphones, Urbanista managed to combine a perfect elegant and sleek design with cutting-edge sustainable innovation.