United Arab Emirates

Abed Benaichouche

Aeronautics Engineer, Inventor and Pilot

Abed BENAICHOUCHE has completed his PhD at the age of 26 years from Ecole Nationale Superieur des Mines de Paris and postdoctoral studies from French Geological Survey.

He is a Senior research engineer and Team leader at Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, (IIAI) the UAE ‘s national research organization, which aims for breakthroughs in fundamental and applied AI research. He has published more than 10 papers in reputed journals and international conferences.

Before joining IIAI, he worked for 2 years in BRGM (France) as senior research engineer. He designed and developed the Suricate-Nat platform; interactive web platform to collect information and analyzing it using NLP technics on natural disasters emitted by citizens using social networks Twitter. He was also the project manager of the development of international interoperable platform for multi-risk analysis based on artificial intelligence.

Today, he is involved in several research projects; including videos understanding (face detection ad annotation, object tracking, pedestrian detection…), medical imaging (diabetic retinopathy, mammography imaging…) and object detection and segmentation from satellite and aerial images.


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