Oct 17, 2021
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Workshops (Paid)
Self-Driving Cars Are Coming

The digitization of practically everything coupled with advanced robotics promises a future with extensive use of robots in our transportation systems. Self-driving cars have the potential to increase the safety and efficiency of our transportation systems and enhance the driving experience. In this talk I will address recent developments in self-driving cars. I will describe the state of the art in developing autonomous cars and mobility on demand with self-driving cars. I will focus on the software architecture, sim-to-real training, and performance evaluation.
Key takeaways:
We will discuss the autonomy pipeline
The role of maps and machine learning in building situational awareness
Solutions to risk-aware decision making for robot cars
Credential – Certificates of attendance

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Daniela Rus

Director of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT