Oct 20, 2021
2:50 pm
3:15 pm
Data Economy Python Talks
Leverage Python in the healthcare sector with AI & blockchain

Surgeons perform surgeries and save lives. How does a developer do that today? Today, Programming is not just limited to the scope of computers, but impacts human lives in several ways. From the food we eat to the medicines we buy. We enjoy the luxury of data accessibility with Technology. Did you know there are 300 Open Source Projects in Health care? And Python Developers can contribute to making a huge impact on human lives. The single line of code may enable the right awareness or the right organ match or connect the right dots at the right time or give someone a new life.

  • Leverage Python to accelerate connectivity between Clinical Trials & Patient Profiles
  • Learn how scattered, fragmented data transforms to life saving intel with Machine Learning Methods in Python
  • Understand about how python plays an important role in the technology stack where confidential information is concerned from micro to macro
  • Visualize the architecture for Blockchains and understand the encryption methods for it

Speakers (1)

Shilpa Karkeraa

CEO & Founder, Myraa Technologies