Oct 18, 2021
12:40 pm
1:10 pm
Spark Talk: From the Tech heads who call the shots – A 10-point action agenda

Consumerization of healthcare has enabled patients to be fully involved in their healthcare decisions, What innovations are being deployed to drive the healthcare experience?

  • Getting tech adoption right: How technology-driven transformation will make health care more convenient, accessible, and affordable
  • Improving care experiences will require better collaboration between all relevant parties in the ecosystem – From pharma and medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare & insurance providers to tech solution providers

Speakers (6)

Veneeth Purushotaman

Group Chief Information Officer, Aster DM Healthcare

Ligia Kornowska

Managing Director, Polish Hospital Federation

Dr. Paul Aoun

Chief of Governance, American Hospital Dubai

Ahmad Mourad

EMEA Senior Director, Strategic Solutions Experimentation Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Ruchi Dana

Partner & Executive Board Member, DANA Group

Assaad Yazbeck

Account Manager, AVAYA