Oct 17, 2021
1:05 pm
2:00 am
From Marvel’s “Iron Man” and Fox’s “Empire” to revolutionizing the tech industry

He’s earned an Oscar nomination for his 2005 film “Hustle & Flow”, been a superhero in Marvel’s “Iron Man” and starred in the major hit drama “Empire”, but today, he’s packed it all in to enter into the world of scientific discovery. Actor Terrence Howard has revolutionized the technology behind the flight, capability and power of drones as we know them today. In this session, we sit down with Terrence to discuss his views on the power of technology today; what inspired him to focus on science and technology field; his methodology to entering such a competitive field; how his technology is revolutionizing the power of drones as we know them; and what advice he has for entrepreneurs making significant career switches.

Speakers (1)

Terrence Howard

Actor & Singer | Founder, Lynchpin Drone Technology