Oct 17, 2021
3:50 pm
4:25 pm
Digital Cities x AI
Fireside Provocative Talk – AI singularity: Are we creating human race’s greatest and last accomplishment?

For centuries the fight between ethics and singularity concepts have plagued human evolution. Is it an inappropriate comparison of advanced AI to average human intelligence? Or should it be against the collective intelligence of the global community of human minds brought together?
What is AI’s role in personal privacy versus public security? With eyeglasses and headphones becoming obsolete in future due to AI induced implants, what impact will it have on individual intelligence? As humans, are we prepared for a robots’ rights movement?

Speakers (4)

Daniela Rus

Director of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT

Dr. Seth Dobrin

Global Chief AI Officer, IBM Data & AI

Prof. Eric Xing

President, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)

Tannya Jajal

Futurist & author, expert technology contributor Forbes Middle East