Three Key Areas for AI in Healthcare Development

The AI takeover in healthcare is unstoppable, with health industry leaders betting big on AI's transformative potential.

Take a look at the 3 key areas for AI in Healthcare development below.

🔒 Security: Healthcare providers are on high alert, fearing revenue hits from system outages. Safeguarding medical devices, patient data & other devices outsourced by healthcare providers tops CIOs' to-do lists. FDA's cybersecurity guidance for medical devices moves in the right direction, but providers still bear the brunt if breaches occur.

🤖 AI Platforms: Big tech heavyweights like Google, AWS, and Oracle Health are upping their AI game. Google Cloud's beefed up MedLM models are transforming chest x-rays. Philips teams up with AWS to turbocharge pathology labs with better data management & AI integration. Oracle Health's revamped HealthData Intelligence now paints a fuller picture of patient health by crunching data from various sources.

Workforce Optimisation: Healthcare is getting smarter with ERP systems, but many still lag in cloud adoption. AI-powered ERP solutions are optimising staff-patient ratios ensuring care without breaking the bank. From surgical supply selection to staffing assignments, AI is making waves boosting employee morale & cutting burnout.


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Source: Gitex Global