The Future of AI in EdTech

With the EdTech market worth $146 billion in 2023, and projected to rise to $550 billion by 2033, the growth opportunity for investors & stakeholders is immense.

The UAE is all in on AI in EdTech

UAE's Ministry of Education recently announced a partnership with Microsoft’s OpenAI which will see the integration of the latest AI into the country’s education sector with a focus on the development of teaching methods for improved academics.

Who Will You Meet?

  • Solution Providers - Unveiling solutions that push education meaningfully forward. A showcase of transformative products for educators hungry for change.

  • Government - Government representatives & ministers unite for global change. Join forces with a dynamic community of educators to reshape the future of education worldwide.

  • Schools - The gateway to forging connections & discovering transformative solutions that revolutionise the learning experience for both teachers & learners.

  • Higher Education - Elevating institutions with unparalleled networking, insights, & collaboration, empowering faculty & enriching student learning experiences with AI technology.

Transforming Education in the Digital Age

1. Solutions Changing Education

Step into the future of education, a pulsating hub of visionary concepts and solutions. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in a curated product showcase that is rewriting the rules of teaching and learning.

2. Workshops & Seminars

Ignite your EdTech journey with industry leading workshops, seminars & panel discussions. Hear from EdTech visionaries & practitioners at the heart of education technology.

3. Matchmaking & Networking

Meet principals, deans, heads of education, professors & head teachers among other EdTech champions. Experience the power of collaboration to forge impactful connections.

4. Development Lab

Step into the lab of the future as global educators unveil groundbreaking projects & learning methods from around the globe. Prepare to be inspired & challenged as you witness innovation in action.

5. Design Lab

Redefine the boundaries of learning where creativity knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in a world of revolutionary instructional design & mind-bending mobile AR experiences.

6. The Digital Workplace Studio

Witness the future of work & discover digital advancements that reshape the very fabric of work dynamics. Get glimpses into virtual offices powered by cloud systems & explore migration benefits.

7. Scholastic Esports

Fuel your passion for gaming & education with sessions that include product demos to boost engagement, offer scholarships, & prepare students for future careers. See the careers of tomorrow's digital leaders.

8. Interactive Demos & Experiences

Witness AI in education come to life with truly hands-on experiences. Immerse yourself in live demos, simulations & workshops that will ignite your imagination and fuel your passion for innovation.

The future of education starts here. Are you ready to lead the way?


Source: Gitex Global