Six Things You Need to Know About 6G

6G will transform connectivity as we know it.

Operating in untapped radio frequencies and incorporating AI to improve speed, its primary focus is to support the 4th Industrial Revolution by bridging human, machine, and environmental nodes.

Here are the top 6 things you need to know about 6G technology.

1. It’s coming, but not for a while…

6G is still in its infancy and won’t be fully developed until the late 2020s, with industry experts estimating 2030 as the most likely year it will be ready. Public/private investment in this space is huge, and growing, as the year of launch approaches.

2. Think 5G is fast?

5G offers a max data throughput of 20 GBps and a user experienced data rate of 100 MBps. 6G will crush these speeds with projected data rates of 1 TBps and a user experienced data rate of 1 GBps.

3. More reliable than you can imagine

6G will optimise network dependability 100x while decreasing error rates 10x, by taking advantage of previously unused frequencies, to create a more stable network and a better user experience.

4. Many cyberattacks will become obsolete

Cyber threats such as jamming will be safeguarded against with 6G. That being said, sophisticated cyber criminals will continue to search for new ways to breach defences.

5. The AI train keeps rolling

6G pioneers are pushing the boundaries of AI, advocating for an AI/ML-driven ideal. Embracing a 'blank slate' strategy, ML algorithms will be entrusted to test, sculpt and perfect the optimal communication pathways between endpoints.

6. Energy efficiency is a priority

6G networks necessitate higher radio frequencies to accommodate increased bandwidth demands. Prioritising power optimisation, 6G developers aim to enhance energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption per bit to a remarkable sub-nanojoule level.

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