Interview with Solmaz Rashidi, Named in Top 100 AI Leaders

Solmaz Rashidi has been named in Forbes ‘AI Visionary & Maverick’, ‘Top 100 AI Leaders’, ‘Top 50 Women in Tech’, 'Top 100 D&A Innovators' and is the former CDAO @ Estee Lauder, Sony Music, Merck.

Sol is an energetic business leader and a goal-oriented technologist, skilled at coupling her technical acumen with story-telling abilities to articulate business value with early-stage startups and enterprises who are leaning into data, AI, and technology as a competitive advantage, while wanting to preserve the legacy in which they were founded upon.

Sol will be speaking at GITEX on the 17th October, Hall 9, AI Stage at 3:15pm covering the topic of Awakening the sleeping giant: What happens when Generative AI meets unstructured Data.

Prior to the event, we interview Sol on the focus of her ethos and what she's looking forward to at GITEX this year.


You mention that part of your ethos is to “learn to uncomplicate the complicated” – what would your advice be to companies adopting AI technology for the first time?

Just that, uncomplicate the complicated. Everyone plays a role in creating and delivering AI capabilities.

Your talent needs to focus on the buy vs build decision, which data sets to use, how to improve the data hygiene for usability, security, infrastructure, etc.

Your executives need to focus on committing to pay enough attention to see this through because AI not a light switch that turns on, be patient with back-end components that need to be put into place that aren't, and in addition to use case identification, also be realistic about feasibility to deploy.

Not all use cases that generate business value are the right use cases to start with and I can show you why at the conference.


What are you most looking forward to at GITEX this year?

No one's an expert in the field of Tech & AI, because the pace of change, evolution, and creativity is exponentially fast (Moore's Law in full effect). So even for those of us who have been playing in the sandbox for decades are constantly astonished by the advancements in Technology, AI, and Industry evolution. 

So I'm most excited to learn, and listen to different perspectives, approaches, and more importantly the GLOBAL POINT OF VIEW, not just the united states. So much is being done globally and I'm eager to learn as much as I can.

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