Five Most Important Ways Ai is Changing Future Health

Game-changing AI-powered products steal the headlines every week – the Apple Vision Pro is a perfect example. But how is this technology innovating healthcare?

Imagine surgeons operating on patients from the other side of the world using robots and mixed reality headsets. Those are just a couple of the innovations researchers are currently exploring for healthtech.

Inspired by Forbes' recent article on what to look out for in healthtech this year, we take a look below at 5 of the most important AI health trends for 2024.

1. The Sustainable AI Health Revolution

AI-based electronic triage and virtual interactions can determine whether patients need to see a doctor, helping to reduce non-urgent hospital visits and preventing limited medical resources from becoming overwhelmed.

2. AI Making Personalised Medicine Possible

In a recent study, AI models classified MRI scans of brain tumors in minutes with 98.5% accuracy. AI algorithms can also interpret medical histories, genetic information, lab results & more, helping professionals deliver more accurate, efficient & personalised care.

3. Rethinking Team Dynamics & Engagement with AI

AI can help simplify task-based aspects of clinic work like interpreting test results, freeing doctors to spend more time with patients and each other, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration & patient engagement.

4. AI Revolutionising Drug Discovery

By analyzing vast amounts of data quickly, AI accelerates research and lowers costs, recently helping to discover the first new antibiotic in 60 years, for drug-resistant MRSA.

5. Redefining Medical Communication

AI-powered virtual assistants can annotate interactions using text-to-speech, helping enhance digital trust with robust records & better communication between doctors and patients, and doctors in different departments.

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Source: Gitex Global